Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Python Testing Podcast???

I had the wonderful joy of stumbling across an insightful and enlightening podcast called Python Testing it can be found at pythontesting.net. The site is ran by a software engineer/developer by the name of Brian Okken.

In episode 18 dated April 19 2019, Brian interviews Joe Stump cofounder of Sprintly. Not to repeat what Brian covers at PT dot net, though not documented and only teased during segments of the audio (nice job Brian). That is Joe's 3 points of hiring engineers/developers. BTW, Brian titles the podcast installment as "Testing in Startups and Hiring Software Engineers with Joe Stump", as if the whole interview is chopped full of good advice. The cast is 53:28 minutes in its entirety, but the 3 points are enumerated at about the 35:45 minute mark into the segment.

Listen for these 3 awesome points of hiring engineers or rather developers.

Someone who is...
  1. able to find the best tool for the job
  2. interested in problem solving
  3. professional in character
I've been involved with assisting management in interviewing, so I hear you Joe!

If you haven't realized it yet, check out Brian's podcast. You might be enlightened as well.